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Why Use YouTube Advertising?

Did you know that 86% of internet users are swayed by video to purchase a product? YouTube is one of the most underutilized marketing tools used by local businesses partly because of the quick rise in popularity in video marketing across the internet. Check out some of these statistics and information that show the power of YouTube:
Who’s Watching YouTube & Where?
YouTube is no longer solely for younger generations. These stats show that people across the board are watching YouTube, and they’re not just watching on their phones (although that’s still the primary place for consuming YouTube videos):

Are YouTube Users Engaged?
YouTube influences purchases more than any other online video site. And, not only is YouTube advertising great for branding your company, but users on YouTube are highly engaged. Consider these stats:

What is YouTube Advertising?
YouTube advertising enables your video ad to be shown to visitors before they view their intended video. Think of the last time you viewed a video on YouTube: Did you see a short commercial-like clip before the video you clicked on started playing? That was a YouTube ad.
What Benefits Can You Get from YouTube Advertising?
The primary benefits of YouTube advertising are building awareness for your business with your target audience and driving interest that can lead to a purchase or sale. According to YouTube, after consumers watched at least 30 seconds of their advertisement, 61% of campaigns saw a difference in purchase intent, and purchase intent for those who watched the entire ad was 19% higher. This means there’s more than just awareness at stake; there is an opportunity to attract and influence new consumers by engaging them where they already spend their time.
YouTube advertising also gives you the ability to track your success and see how your campaign performing. Unlike other types of video advertisements, like TV ads, you’ll actually know how many people viewed your ad.
Get Started with YouTube Advertising
YouTube advertising helps you reach new audiences, grow brand awareness, and influence customers’ purchase decisions. To learn more about what video can do for you, give us a call at (309) 693-2345, or contact us! 

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