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We always start with strategy when discussing your business and marketing goals. By understanding what you hope to achieve, we’re able to craft a strategy that will position you to reach those objectives. Continuous assessment and strategy tweaks ensure that we provide you with optimum Return On Investment. The strategies we develop are backed up by our ability to identify, define and execute the various marketing tactics that will get the job done. Because we work with clients of all sizes and with unique goals, our offerings flex to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an agency partner to support your in-house marketing department or you want us to fill the role of an external ad hoc marketing team, our services can scale up and down.

Before we launch a re-brand or major campaign, we assess the landscape of your industry and dig deep into numbers that can inform our recommended strategies. We take the time to truly understand the consumer habits (or patient behaviors) of your target audience. We identify the pain point that your product or service can resolve for them – and build a plan based on that solid foundation.

A well-crafted and flawlessly-executed public relations plan is an important part of your marketing strategy. PR tells the story of your brand with a sophisticated and subtle approach. Working with influencers, targeting niche media and developing share-worthy content, this dynamic service helps you remain top-of-mind for potential customers, referrers and other stakeholders.

We compose press releases that capture the attention of assignment editors and distribute them through a variety of automated and one-on-one methods. Using a national distribution network enables us to reach targeted media sites, influential bloggers, key social networks, search engines and industry publications so that your message reaches the most optimum media sources.

Whether you’re dealing with a crisis that’s attached to your brand (like disgruntled customers spamming social media or some type of scandal) or an external crisis (like a pandemic or natural disaster), it’s imperative that you manage the message. We recommend that our clients have a crisis management plan in place that can be implemented immediately. The CSM team is nimble enough to help you execute when times get tough.

Measurements and Analytics

Numbers don’t mean much without effective analysis. That’s why we employ analytics to track performance of your website, social channels, online ads, mobile app ads and all things digital. We drill down deep into the data to gain insights into what’s working and identify where we need to pivot to revise the current strategy. This ongoing performance analysis intelligently informs the recommendations we offer to help optimize your marketing spend.  Digital media is incredibly important while traditional media is a complement which builds brand recognition and drives conversions to digital media consumption.

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