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Turning a Caller Into a Customer

The phone is one of the most powerful sales tools at your office. When a potential customer calls, they’re either ready to buy or schedule, or are close to making a decision. It’s important to make sure your staff is prepared to set the appointment on every single call so no opportunities are slipping through the cracks. Here are some easy tips and tricks to implement to turn callers into customers.

Build Rapport

Tone is easily conveyed through the phone, so smile while you dial! It sounds cheesy, but put yourself in the caller’s shoes. Would you prefer to work with someone upbeat and passionate or someone who sounds unenthused while they talk to you? Another easy way to build rapport is to repeat the caller’s name throughout the call. When you answer the phone, make sure to grab the customer’s name, and use it frequently to make the call more personal.

 Take the Next Step

If you have a physical location, always invite inquiring callers into your business. Just remember, it’s much easier to nail down details and make the sale in person. Don’t let a customer calling with service or pricing inquiries hang up without requesting the appointment.

If you don’t have a physical location it’s still important to ask the caller if they’d like to set up an appointment. Remember, the end goal of every call should be to get them to do business with you!

Gather Contact Information

Always make sure to gather full contact information from each caller. This additional step will make them feel more connected to your business. Gather their name, phone number, email address, and any other necessary information. If you already have their contact information in your lead management system, confirm that it is still up to date. A key way to build rapport is by asking their preferred method of contact (phone call, email, etc) and notate that in your lead management system.

Set Expectations

Give the caller directions to your business and parking instructions, so they know what to expect. If you have COVID-19 specific guidelines (masks, calling when they arrive to keep the number of people in your location down, etc), be sure you give them that information as well. This too will build rapport and increase their commitment level.

If they’re a returning customer, confirm that they still know what to expect, and update them with any new information, such as construction or new paperwork required.

These tips and tricks may seem simple, but they’re often the first things forgotten when an employee answers the phone. It’s important to remember that the little things can make a big difference, especially in today’s world.

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