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Traditional Media Sizzles or Fizzles in Summer

We may be living in a digital world, but traditional media (radio, TV, outdoor, etc) still has a firm foothold in the media landscape! When you place traditional media, and what mediums you use, are both important factors to the success of your campaign. With summer right around the corner, let’s take a look at some different tactics and how they fare during this time.


Historical data from Nielsen has shown that radio listening habits shift during the summer – and some formats see more of an increase than others. Classic rock and country tend to see substantial increases during the warmer months, as listeners are relaxing on warm weather days and planning vacations.


With traditional TV (cable and network), live TV viewing tends to be lower in the summer months as consumers are on-the-go. That’s also why new releases are often in the fall or winter. However, streaming TV services see consistent usage in the summer months, due to the flexible and portable nature of the tactic. Television can still be an effective method of getting your message across in the summer, but a strategic media schedule is crucial.


Outdoor billboards are another tactic that can see increased success in the summer. Since more people are enjoying time outside or driving to vacation destinations, there are a lot of opportunities to get your brand out there in the summer! There’s also daylight for more of the day, so people can see your outdoor message later into the evening.

As with any tactic – either digital or traditional – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Depending on your industry and messaging, traditional media may be a fit for your goals, even in summer! No matter if you’re looking to place on traditional or digital media, we’re here to help!

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