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A recent national survey of media buyers and ad agencies shows trends toward what type of media businesses are currently drawn to, which tactics are seeing growth and which are remaining stagnant or decreasing.

Purchasing radio, social media, and events/sponsorships. Shown an increased interest in streaming/online video and social media.

Plans to increase their budget.

Plans to increase their search marketing.

Plans to increase their streaming video spend.

Of those same same tactics, less than 5% of those surveyed plan to trim or eliminate their budget.

Traditional media such as newspapers are seeing the opposite trend:

Magazines are seeing a similar tract:

In a not-surprising find, social media is also on the rise. A whopping 89% of respondents use social media to market their companies, and the average business uses 2 platforms.


of respondents are using Facebook for marketing.


of respondents are using Instagram for marketing.


of respondents are using YouTube for marketing.


of respondents are using
TikTok for marketing.

*This number has doubled since 2021, showing that while usage of short videos is still small, it’s growing quickly.

Where is video placed for marketing attention? Videos are most likely to appear:

With so many media types and an ever-growing media landscape, it’s important to try new strategies to complement the tried-and-true methods while also remaining consistent on the mediums providing strong ROI. 

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*Statistics provided by Borrell Associates

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