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Polish Your Marketing Plan

It’s officially Spring! We’ve moved the clocks forward, relegated the snow shovel to the back of the garage, and dusted off the patio furniture. There’s something about this season of renewal that inspires us to clean out the old, get more organized and freshen up our environments. Our grandmas called it Spring Cleaning and you can bet they turned the house upside down, knocking down the cobwebs and sweeping out the dust bunnies. It’s a tradition that can serve us well in the workplace too.

Track your progress

Just like your closet needs an annual purging (we see that unused collection of sweatbands), so do your Marketing Goals and KPIs: Are your existing marketing goals still relevant to your current business objectives? Are you tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress? Spring cleaning is a great time to refine your goals, ensuring they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).

Review marketing materials

Don’t forget the refrigerator! Right after you throw out that mayo from 2022, why notreview Your Marketing Materials to make sure they are up to date. Spring is a great time to refresh your website content, social media posts and email campaigns. Are your visuals still relevant? Hours still accurate? Is your current brand voice represented consistently? Are there channels you are neglecting that have become important to your target audience? Or channels that are “expired” and need to be tossed out like those outdated condiments?

Assess your marketing tools

One of the hidden bonuses of Spring Cleaning is the possibility of finding lost treasures. (You completely forgot about those Starbucks gift cards you tossed into the junk drawer, didn’t you?) Now is a great time to assess your Marketing Tech Stack for tools that are underutilized and could improve efficiency. Did you invest in a work process platform that has the potential to dramatically improve workflow, but you just haven’t fully adopted it? Or maybe your team needs further training on software that you’ve already installed and could be improving performance? Now is a great time to dust off those hidden gems and bring them back to life!

Spring cleaning—it may be a ritual of the past, but it still promises a fresh start and sharper focus both at home and in the workplace. And, no matter the season, Central States Marketing is here to help you chase those campaign dust bunnies out of the corners and clean up your marketing efforts!

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