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Marketing Pearls of Wisdom From Around the World

With the first quarter of 2020 nearly behind us, here’s some pearls of wisdom to help inspire your work throughout the rest of this year.
1)    We all have a lot to learn from pirates (yes, really)
Though pirates are infamous as lawbreakers, it’s also important to consider their status as agents of change. They rewrote the rules, reinvented society, and their innovation, social leadership, and rule-breaking ways were a powerful challenge to the status quo.
2)    Inclusive storytelling isn’t just the right thing to do – it gets more attention
Audiences respond to inclusive storytelling. Think With Google found that YouTube ads featuring as many female characters as male ones yielded 30% more views than other videos. This shows that when creative is more inclusive, people pay attention.
3)    Measuring effectiveness deserves more attention during the briefing stage
Discussions about effectiveness often come when evaluating campaigns and ads. It’s important to understand and communicate your business goals more specifically during earlier meetings, then add metrics, then add world-class creative. These three steps are key.
4)    Allocate time & money to take calculated risks with new approaches & technologies
Taking a leap of faith with new technology can be daunting. But allocating even a small portion of your budget to a riskier approach can make a world of difference. You’ll never discover more effective or efficient approaches if you don’t set aside the time and money to find them.
5)    Context & relevance are what keep ads from being an interruption
The nature of advertising can still sometimes be an interruption. It’s important to acknowledge that and make it worth the intrusion. Create with care, remember who is watching and engaging, and make sure it’s relevant and contextual to ensure the interruption is meaningful.

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