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Congratulations, you survived the first half of 2020! Traditionally, we save the accolades on a job well done for year-end but right now, we are all feeling the need to check in and pat each other on the back a little more frequently. The year 2020 has definitely been challenging for all of us. The uncertainty of a pandemic, a questionable economy, national protests, an election year all adding up to a sort of chaos that many of us have never experienced. But out of the ashes can come amazing rebirth.
We’ve seen it before. Despite many predictions that the end of WWII would throw the US into a deep depression as the wartime economy came to a halt, the years between 1945 and 1947 were a period of economic growth and prosperity like we’d never seen. In the years following the 2008 recession, during which the US economy nose-dived, we experienced unprecedented economic growth and historically low unemployment. Rest assured, there’s hope and historical precedence that great prosperity will follow the current state of instability.
We’ve already seen innovation rise up from the chaos. Distilleries have pivoted from making vodka to making hand sanitizer, Zoom has transformed itself from a business tool into a household necessity, ApplePay and other digital payment services are surging, Kroger has hired 40,000 new employees to meet online shopping demand. Not to mention new emerging tech markets like contact tracing and walk-through body temperature detectors. Chaos breeds creativity.
At CSM, we are optimistic about the future. We have witnessed the resilience and tenacity of our clients and we have supported them as they adapt to the changing needs and behaviors of their customers and patients. We have helped our partners re-examine their business objectives and create new, more inclusive ways to deliver on their brand promises. In the second half of 2020, we will continue to provide guidance and plenty of pats on the back as we all navigate through the current turmoil toward the prosperity that we know awaits us.
We’ve got your back.
~ The CSM Team

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