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Leveraging the Marketing Power of LinkedIn

When it comes to social media marketing, odds are that you think of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But LinkedIn shouldn’t be overlooked – it has a number of targeting capabilities that can be utilized to ensure your ads reach the right audience and is a great way to improve brand awareness, build your network, and boost your leads. It’s the world’s largest professional network and is an essential social marketing platform for marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses and types of ads:

Campaign Objectives

Types of Campaign Objectives on LinkedIn


  • Brand awareness ads are ads designed to reach more people and inform them on who your brand is through impression-based campaigns.


  • Website Visits: The goal of this objective is to have users visit your website.
  • Engagement: Drive clicks, actions (likes, shares, comments) or company page follows on the platform.
  • Video Views: The objective of this campaign type is to have your audience view your video to learn more about your product or business.


  • Lead generation: Gain more leads using a form that is pre-filled with LinkedIn member information.
  • Website conversions: Drive specific actions on your website such as a download or collecting leads.
  • Job applicants: Promote job opportunities and receive more applicants at your company.

Types of Ads on LinkedIn

Sponsored Content

  • Sponsored content ads are native ads that show up in the audience’s LinkedIn feeds.

Job Ads

  • Jobs ads are dynamic ads that appear in the jobs function of LinkedIn to reach top talent and encourage them to apply with your company.

Sponsored Messaging

  • Sponsored messaging allows you to send one-on-one direct messages to your targeting audience in a professional setting.

Types of Targeting on LinkedIn


  • Retarget users who have visited your website by using the LinkedIn pixel, or retarget users who have viewed your video ad, engaged with your LinkedIn Page, or RSVP’d to your LinkedIn event.

Audience Attributes

  • Demographics: You can target users by gender and age.
  • Education: You can target users by the degrees they have obtained, their field of study, as well as the school they attended.
  • Job Experience: You can target users by job function, which is based on standardized groupings of job titles entered by LinkedIn members. You can also target users based on job seniority or job title and years of experience. Lastly, you can target by member skills, which are highly elegant keywords found within a member’s profile and skills section.
  • Interests and Traits: You can target users by the groups they are a part of on LinkedIn, their interests, and their traits (or behavior on the platform). These categories are identified either directly from the users’ profile or inferred from member actions on LinkedIn.


  • This is based on the user’s permanent location stated on their profile.

LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform you think of when it comes to marketing, but with so many targeting capabilities and types of ads, it’s worth looking into! We’re here to help evaluate if LinkedIn is a fit for your business and goals!

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