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How the Web is Shaping Research and Planning

Today people can – and do – prepare for every aspect of any experience, big or small. Whether they’re taking a vacation across the globe or dining at a neighborhood café, people have a low tolerance for surprises. Here are some tips to understand how you can provide value in these moments.

Spark excitement about an
upcoming experience

In the early stages of planning, many want a look at what their experience could entail. And that sneak peek sparks excitement. This behavior often plays out in search. For example, there has been over 55% growth in mobile searches for “menus” over the past two years. Anticipation then builds as people research and discover more about an upcoming experience. Search marketing is a great tool to help capture searchers as they’re researching for a trip, a new store or restaurant, or experiences like museums, concerts, etc.

Build confidence before
heading to a new destination

People feel a need to prepare for every detail of their experience – from exploring maps to confirming business hours. Consider this: mobile searches for “wait times” have grown 120% over the past two years. Researching these smaller details ahead of time alleviates stress and gives people confidence heading into an experience. Including information on your website to help searchers find the answers to their questions can help them feel more comfortable.

Make the most of a budget

Nobody likes to be surprised by an unexpected expense. People want to account for every penny up front. In the past two years, mobile searches for “do you tip in _” have grown over 70%. But it’s not just about saving money. People want to make sure they get the biggest bang for their buck. If you’re able to add pricing information to your website, it can help searchers while they’re in the research and budgeting phase. This may not be possible for all companies and industries, but if possible, can be a great tool.

What it means for you

Whether it’s to get excited, build confidence, or work within a budget, people are turning to the Internet to help shape and validate the decisions they make. Capturing those consumers when they’re searching online, and providing assistance can help people understand all the features and amenities you offer.

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