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Keeping Your Brand Safe in a Digital Environment

Brand safety has always been a concern in digital marketing, and businesses are more aware than ever about ensuring their ads are served beside appropriate content and being seen by actual people – not bots. We utilize several tools to ensure that your ads are placed alongside quality content and seen by humans.

Implement preemptive strategies

We implement preemptive strategies which can maximize brand safety for any business. Sites that are deemed unsafe for brands, that have signs of fraudulent traffic, or provide otherwise controversial content are added to a global blocklist so none of your ads are seen on those domains. Our website crawlers spend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year reading sites to determine the content and keywords on the page so your ads will only be served on appropriate pages. Since new content is being created all the time, this system updates in near real-time to quickly classify the content.

Protect your Campaigns

We protect your campaigns against bots by using both IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and OTA (Online Trust Alliance) Bot Lists during campaign setup – these sources identify and publish discovered bots and ad fraud traffic. We also use RiskIQ to detect malware and non-human traffic, as well as Comscore to remove botnets, click farms, pay-per-view networks, and nonhuman traffic. If bot traffic does somehow get through, that data is ‘scrubbed’ (removed) from your campaign dashboard and reporting, so the results you see are for actual human traffic.

We are committed to ensuring that your ads are seen by actual people, on reputable websites. We’d be happy to talk with you more about how digital advertising can safely and effectively help you reach your business goals!

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