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How Geofence Can Work For You

Geofencing is one of the most hyperlocal targeting strategies you can use to reach your audience. Each mobile device uses GPS, Wi-Fi and radio frequency (RFID) to give off its location, allowing you to reach consumers in a specific concentrated area. Within the broader geofence umbrella, there are 3 unique ways that you can target your audience:

Standard Geofence
Standard geofence allows you to choose locations such as competitors, nearby locations, etc. Devices inside those fences are ‘tagged’, and ads can be shown to those users for up to 30 days after they leave the fence. You can also target events to reach attendees and retarget your message to them.

Addressable Geofence
If you have a list of current or former customers, this tactic could help you reach them! Addressable geofence targets consumers based on their specific households. The address list is matched against plat lines (showing how land is divided in your county, with the size and boundary locations). Devices within those locations are ‘tagged’ and updated daily, and consumers using those devices can see your ads wherever they go.

Curated Geofence
Curated addressable works similarly to addressable, but you don’t need a customer list. We build out (or curate) a list of households that meet location and demographic criteria of your target audience. We can target demographically (age, gender, household income, number of children in the household, etc) and psychographically (for those interested in areas such as arts, travel, sports, home improvement, finance, and many more). Think of it like direct mail – only it’s digital and trackable.

Geofence ads are a great way to reach your audience, and there are many options to help ensure you’re targeting the people you want to reach.  We’d be happy to talk with you more about geofencing and how it could help your business!

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