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How Digital and Traditional Media Work Together

You probably already know, or at least have heard, about the growing importance of digital media (such as search, display, and social media). Unfortunately, many people think that investing in online means leaving the tried and true methods of traditional media (like radio, TV, billboards, and print) behind. Using a combination of both digital and traditional techniques is the most effective method of marketing and is far more useful than using either on its own.

Traditional marketing tactics all have proven high success rates. Digital media can provide a company with maximum exposure and more customer interaction. When combined, the benefits of both plans help compensate for each other’s weaknesses. While newer methods do work well, it’s dangerous to let them completely replace traditional ones since each technique appeals to different people and audiences. Combining online and traditional is a great way to reach your potential customers.

For example, television and print ads are helpful in spreading information and can also incorporate a message to look for more information on a website (a ‘call to action’ of sorts). Coca-Cola is an example of a company who has done a great job of incorporating online with traditional. Their “Share a Coke” campaign allowed customers to find their names and names of friends on bottle labels (a more traditional method). These labels included hashtags, encouraging customers to share pictures and tag friends on social media (an online method). Coca-Cola was able to actively engage customers through this strategy, which combined aspects of both traditional and digital.

Additionally, using both traditional and digital marketing methods allows your message to be spread across many different channels. Depending on the target audience, some techniques may work better than others. McDonalds uses multiple channels to their advantage, utilizing billboard and print ads to attract the attention of potential customers, but also having a strong online presence. This allows them to reach customers they may not have if they had stuck to only one channel.

Traditional media is a highly effective way to reach a broad consumer base, but digital media is a good way to reach a specific audience. Digital marketing is also used to build more relevant consumer relationships. Anthropologie, a popular women’s clothing company, sends monthly catalogs (throughout which they point back to the website). They have a successful and engaging Instagram page and announce sales and promotions on this page (which also includes recipes, DIYs, and other fun things – many of which incorporate their products). Their integration of digital media allows their audience to get more personally involved, but they also incorporate traditional media with the catalogs.

These are just a few examples that traditional and digital media can work together to strengthen your marketing plan. If you don’t use both types, you may not be reaching all of your potential customers. In order to maximize your impact, it is crucial that you utilize both traditional and digital.

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