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Cross-Channel Marketing and Data Attribution

As consumers interact with your brand across a growing number of screens and channels, it becomes increasingly difficult to know which parts of your marketing strategy are working. Did you know that only 17% of advertisers say they are looking at the performance of all their digital channels together?
There are many reasons why a multi-channel approach can benefit your business, such as brand awareness beyond initial interest, the ability to reach more people, and the chance to catch your prospect at the best moment and in the best way. 72% of consumers say they prefer to connect with brands through multiple channels before purchasing. Since your potential customers could be anywhere, your brand needs to be anywhere they are.
Data-driven attribution can help you optimize the performance of a single channel, like search or display, but to see the biggest impact you’ll need to look at how multiple marketing channels work together. For example, did you know that advertising on Facebook can increase the number of branded searches (on Google, Yahoo, etc) by up to 34%?
Keeping a consistent message and brand across all your marketing channels will help each medium complement each other. Defining success, connecting attribution results to your marketing tactics, and aligning incentives can help paint a clearer picture of your effectiveness overall.
We’re here to help monitor and review your ad performance, and can help develop a strategy to reach your goals.

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