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What Consumers Really Want From Your Video Content

CSM Takeaway: As with any medium, it’s important to understand how people are using video and what they’re looking for.

As the digital landscape shifts toward video, more content companies are making major investments in the platform in an effort to woo advertisers. But in order to create successful video content, it’s more important than ever to understand how consumers view and interact with it. To help both creators and advertisers make the most of their video dollars, Accenture Interactive surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about their content preferences, habits and attitudes. In addition to reinforcing the oft-stated line that “content is king,” noted Accenture Interactive head of global digital content Donna Tuths, the survey found that video advertising is still viewed as invasive. So how do marketers overcome that? “This study proves that it all hinges on quality,” said Tuths. “That component alone will trump whether the content is branded or not.”

Originally posted by Carrie Cummings on AdWeek

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