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3 Steps to Success with Targeted Email Marketing

As a business owner, choosing the best marketing strategy to maximize your ROI can be daunting. Thankfully, one of the most effective solutions doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Email marketing has been generating the highest ROI for businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprises for over 10 years and counting. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering 85% of people who are connected online participate in email communication on a regular basis.
We all know every consumer has different wants and behaves in different ways. The real challenge is finding the best methods of utilizing email to make customers feel special while also driving awareness for your brand or strengthening customer relationships. Targeted email marketing uses segmented databases to provide an effective solution: an efficient, personalized, and affordable digital postcard reaching your ideal demographic audience through their inbox. Yet, a majority of business owners are still using the old “spray and pray” approach, sending the same message to their entire database. What are these businesses really missing out on?
The answer is a lot! Companies that find the most success with email marketing use industry experts to segment their databases and customize messages. With this help, they are able to bring the desired message to the people who are more likely to open the email, read it, and take action. Implementing targeted email into your marketing strategy can help you to bring special offers to customers’ inboxes, drive your brand, and build lasting customer relationships.

Here are three elements of a successful targeted email marketing campaign:

1. Targeting the Right Audience through List Segmentation

Targeting specific audiences in your email campaigns is a great way to drive more consumers straight to your website. However, understanding the best ways to segment your database can often be tricky. Many companies don’t have complex databases or the in-house skill set needed to manage them. Regardless, the right partner can help you find the best segments to target based on past campaign performance and reach those most likely to convert to new customers. Targeting your customers based on demographics such as location, age, and hobbies takes your email campaigns to the next level but is just the first step in the customization process.

2. Developing the Best Message

Not surprisingly, consumers pay attention to the content in their inbox that is relevant to their wants and needs. A well-targeted email will increase open rates and influence purchase decisions. Last year, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotional email. Although potential customers may not convert right away after reading an email, it’s clear that customized email messages help put your brand in front of relevant consumers.

3. Measuring Campaign Performance

Measuring the success of your email campaign means more than looking at open and clickthrough rates. The most important aspect is knowing how your email campaign impacts revenue for your business. When you purchase a segmented target list for your email campaign, you won’t have access to the database after the campaign ends. A trustworthy and transparent partner will ensure that your messages make it into the inbox of relevant customers and avoid the spam folder. By doing this, your messages not only reach more people but will also help you match your sales during the email campaign and beyond so you can see true ROI.

Targeted Email Marketing

Understanding the benefits of targeted email marketing might be simple, but actually creating successful email marketing campaigns isn’t. ReachLocal understands the importance of considering your customers’ wants and needs when creating unique email campaigns. That’s why we use strategic campaign development and segmentation to match the right audience with the right messages. Email Marketing can send your message straight to the inbox of relevant customers, helping to grow your brand, increase website clicks, and promote events.

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