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2020 Holiday Trends

You may not be rocking around the Christmas tree or seeing Mommy kissing Santa Claus this year, but the holiday season is right around the corner. Amid a pandemic and economic downturn, this year’s festivities are likely to look much different than usual. Consumer behavior has changed this year, and the continued presence of the virus will have positive and negative consequences.

On a positive note, a consumer insights survey revealed that consumers aren’t planning to significantly change how much they spend this holiday season. One thing that is changing, though, is how they plan to spend – nearly 70% of survey responders indicated that they plan on increasing their online purchases, while 60% plan to spend less in brick-and-mortar locations.

While the 2020 holiday season looks to be mostly virtual, at least people are still planning on spending! There are a few ways you can prepare to help your consumers adapt to the changes.

Focus on Personalization
Two-thirds of respondents said they expect personalized experiences once they’ve interacted with a brand. Ensuring that the commerce experience is personalized and relevant, particularly for returning customers, can help increase conversions and build consumer loyalty. Another way to do this is by showing your consumers how valuable they are to you. Sending a thank you card or email is a simple act that can motivate consumers to support your business this year.

Offer the Best Consumer Experience
While the holidays are often a joyful time of year, they can also cause stress – and this year more than ever. Perhaps consider providing useful tips and tricks to help alleviate some of that stress, focusing on content that relates to your products or services as well as consumer needs.

Polish Your Messaging
It’s more important than ever to plan your messaging strategy. Keep it professional and consistent, but above all else, keep it authentic. Communicating for the specific context of your audience is key – for example, budget concerns may require an emphasis on return policies. While people are looking for joy this season, it’s also important to make sure any emotional marketing feels genuine and isn’t too over-the-top.

The way people are spending may be changing, but the silver lining is that they are still planning to do so. You may need to broaden marketing strategies to incorporate these new behaviors so you don’t miss out on valuable consumers — both now and after the holiday season.

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