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What Is Addressable Geofencing?

Geofence display advertising has been around for years and uses latitude and longitude data to target specific geographic areas. With technology advancements, addressable geofence is now available as well. Addressable geofence is a powerful, efficient, and accurate way to target specific households with your message.
How Does Addressable Geofencing Work?
You provide a list of current customers you want to reach, or we can curate a list for you using demographic and psychographic qualifiers like age, household income, number of children, job title, interests, etc. The addresses are then matched against plat line data to collect the exact physical location, size and shape of the individually matched addresses.
The system then geofences each matched address to collect and target users specific only to that distinct address location. It can also target any devices that enter that household – for example, if they are hosting guests. We can target other devices in the house such as desktops, laptops and tablets through cross-device matching. Addressable geofence campaigns can use display ads (either static ads or animated ads like .gifs) or can also use video files (.mov or .mp4).
What Are Some of the Benefits?
Addressable geofence is highly precise and scalable – up to 1 million physical addresses can be targeted per campaign. Addressable geofence has also improved reach and accuracy over IP-based solutions. Audiences are updated on a daily basis, and once a device in the household ‘fence’ has been tagged, we can serve ads to users when they use those devices both inside and outside the geofence for up to 30 days.
How Addressable Geofencing Could Work for You
Addressable geofencing is helpful for several businesses in a wide range of industries. Here are just a few examples of how addressable geofencing could work:

Trying New Things
Geofence display ads are a great way to reach your audience, and addressable geofence is an advancement that provides precise targeting capabilities. We’d be happy to talk with you more about addressable geofencing and how it could help your business!

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