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Upgrading the Customer Experience

The line between online and offline shopping is becoming increasingly blurred. 73% of customers now describe themselves as ‘channel agnostic’, meaning that the formats you place ads on matter less than the journey the customer goes on. In order to do this, it means focusing less on the platform or tactic your ads are delivered on and focusing more on the message you want to deliver and the audience you want to deliver it to.

It’s important to adopt an omnichannel mindset to be ready for the changing behavior and deliver a seamless customer journey across all platforms. Just as much attention should be paid to your ‘digital storefronts’ as on the physical real-life locations. For example, 55% of consumers will visit a brand’s website during their purchase journey.


of consumers will visit a brand’s website during their purchase journey

One way to set the foundation for long-term relationships are mobile apps, which also increase engagement with your customers. Mobile apps allow brands to collect first-party data and can help spot trends and generate more customer value.

Studies show that app customers are more loyal than non-app customer with the same retailer – they spend 37% more, buy 33% more frequently, and buy 34% more items. Customers increasingly expect brands to offer new technological solutions that enhance the shopping experience. 66% of people say they are interested in using augmented reality for help when shopping and 60% say they want to be able to visualize where and how a product could fit into their lives.

Customer behavior is rapidly evolving, but so are marketing solutions that can help you stay ready! The most insightful brands think about the customer journey holistically, offer novel and compelling cross-platform experiences, and continually reinvent and improve the shopping experience.

We’re here to help you determine the best way to reach customers every step of their journey!

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