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Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Millennials make up 22% of the U.S. population. That makes them the largest generation in the country’s history. Now that millennials are between the ages of 22 and 36, it’s essential to understand their spending habits. 60% of millennials stay loyal to the brands they love. By focusing on the millennial age group, you can build a loyal fan base for your business.

You’ll need to learn the secrets of marketing to millennials first. Here’s some tips to reach the largest living generation of shoppers.

Millennials want to forge a connection with brands. Content marketing can help you build brand trust and ensure you reach your target audience.  It’s important to understand your audience as much as possible. Millennials want to engage with brands that feel real and authentic. Content marketing can help forge an emotional connection with your buyers.

Post content on your website, blog, or social media accounts. Try to create unique, informative content that demonstrates your industry expertise and shows off your brand’s personality. Don’t focus on selling your products. Instead, show readers the value you have to offer. Let your experience and expertise shine through. Forging this authentic connection with your audience will help you attract them to your brand in the future.

Complete a thorough business assessment and determine your marketing objectives. Why should customers trust you? What do you have to offer that no one else can?

Focusing on your brand value can give your customers a reason to trust you. Building brand trust will help you retain customers, turning them into loyal fans.

One way to do this is to rely on your existing, happy customers. Ask them to post their happy reviews on your Google My Business listing or website. These reviews will act as social proof, which can help future customers trust you.

This generation has all the information they need at their fingertips. To cut through the noise, you need to remain transparent and authentic. Customer reviews will help you show prospects the benefits of choosing your business. Meanwhile, behind the scenes content can give them an authentic look into how you run your business.

Make sure you’re staying social! Post your website content on social media to keep your customers engaged. Make sure the content you post is high-quality and share-worthy.

When your audience shares your content, you have the chance to reach an even broader range of customers.  You can also use social media to start two-way conversations. Make sure to respond to comments or messages quickly. That way, you’re showing your target audience that you’re there and eager to help. If your customers have problems or complaints, don’t ignore them. Otherwise, it could speak negatively about your brand.

A full 84% of millennials say user-generated content has some influence on what they buy. If you want to reach millennial buyers, try using user-generated content. By helping you build brand trust, this content will help customers connect with your brand. They’ll see happy consumers like themselves and recognize you’re someone they can trust.

Remain relevant to your audience of younger consumers! By marketing to millennials, you can grow your business and retain long-lasting business.

Source: California Business Journal

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