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Social Media Marketing – More Than Just Facebook

When you hear ‘social media’, most people automatically think of Facebook or Instagram. However, those might not always align with your campaign goals or target audience. There are multiple other platforms that offer options to successfully reach your target mix, informing them of your products or services, and turning them into high quality conversions. Let’s look at a few:


Advertising on LinkedIn provides a way to engage within the professional realm of social media. The major advantage of LinkedIn marketing is that you can reach trustworthy professionals that will drive actions that are relevant to your business and goals. An advantage that LinkedIn has over other forms of traditional social media is that a lot of first-party data is available just through someone’s profile. You can distinguish one’s job, position, what company and how long they’ve been employed, education, previous employers, skills, and who they are connected to. LinkedIn provides a vast number of targeting tactics such as company size, groups of interest, education, location, and geography, and more that can further ensure that your dollars are being spent correctly.


Pinterest advertising offers brand awareness, conversions, offline sales, and more traffic. Pinterest is used by those who want something new, but don’t have an exact idea in mind. It can be used as a visual search engine – which makes this platform a standout for retail. Pinterest advertising offers the unique feature of those ads are relevant to what the pinners are searching for. Pinterest offers ways to find the perfect target audience for your business or campaign. They allow targets to be split based on demographics (age, gender, location, or language), interests, keywords, customer lists (reaching those who engage with your website, store or previous ads), and ‘actalike’s.’


Twitter has the advantage of offering a lasting impression on those who are served your ads. The reason for this is that people come to Twitter with a discovery mindset. The audience on Twitter is more likely to be passionate, engaged, and open to learning than those on other social media sites. People spend 25% more time viewing ads on Twitter than other leading platforms. Twitter has a vast and detailed process of providing you with the correct audience for your campaign. First, you can pinpoint based on demographics (location, language, platform, device, age, and gender). Then you can split those groups into targeting based on event, tweet engager, keyword, movies, tv, interest, conversation, and more.

Knowing what platform to utilize and spend your money on can be tricky. We’re here to help explain the benefits of each and how they can help you further develop your social marketing strategy!

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