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The AI Boom – Rise of the Machines

Chances are, you’ve heard or read something about AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the last few months. The rapid development of AI is an unprecedented phenomenon, and this technology is becoming more complex and powerful.

AI in Design

Adobe is leaning into AI Design tools, currently in beta mode. This model – Firefly – has a goal of empowering users of all experience levels to generate quality images and text effects. For creators who do not want their content used in model training, a “Do Not Train” tag will be introduced and associated with that content.

AI in Content

In a recent Adobe study, 88% of brands said content demand has at least doubled over the last year; two-thirds of those surveyed expect it to grow 5x over the next two years. This provides AI an opportunity to help create content for blog posts, social media updates, and more.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot, released about six months ago by OpenAI, with a free basic version. Generative tools like this have wriggled into schools, leading administrators to wonder what to do next. Some schools have banned the technology entirely, while others are embracing it as a tool to teach students how to tell the difference between reality and science fiction.

This tool can create text, art, videos and music via natural language processing (NLP). Within the first two months of its release, the platform reached 100 million active users.

However, AI models need training data. When you enter data in, it becomes part of the data collective of that application. The data entered is likely not private to you anymore, so you must consider how you apply this new technology.

AI in Marketing

Why does AI matter for marketing? People have adopted digital in a huge way for nearly aspect of their lives, and many of these new habits and behaviors are sticking. This makes it more difficult to predict a consumer’s next step. Today’s AI breakthroughs become a multiplying force for businesses by empowering them to stay on top of consumer needs and trends.

AI is already in use in much of digital and social advertising, with optimized bids, responsive ads, etc. However, it’s important to still utilize a human touch. To deliver optimal results, it’s critical that human expertise guides the AI and works hand-in-hand with the technology.

With AI booming in the last few months, we know there are a lot of questions. We are here to help! Now, we may have answers to some questions, while some may need further exploration. Please reach out to your CSM team with any questions you have about AI!

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