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Is Mobile In App Advertising Right For Your Business?

Promoting your business on mobile is essential in local marketing today now that 65% of Americans now own smartphones – and it’s the primary way many of them access the Internet. Of the many ways to do this, perhaps the most effective method is in-app advertising, which allows you to show display ads to consumers in real time while they are using mobile apps – like entertainment, news, radio, weather, and more.

But of course, when evaluating a new marketing solution for your business, it’s important to make sure it will help you achieve your business goals. So, ask yourself these three questions to determine whether mobile in app advertising is right for your business.

Does your target audience use apps on their smartphone?

Consumers spend over 3 hours of their day on smartphones, on average. And 88% of that time is spent in mobile apps. Here are a few mobile app stats from comScore to help you better understand today’s app audience:

With smartphone and app usage being so common across consumer groups, there’s a good chance your target audience is spending a lot of their time there.

Do you want to reach consumers when they are near your location?

One huge feature of in app advertising is its ability to target consumers who are within a specific geographic area using their smartphone’s GPS. That means your ads are only shown to consumers when they are near your business – even if they don’t live or work near you. This hyperlocal targeting ability helps businesses drive more foot traffic and impulse purchases both from local consumers and from those who may be visiting your area.

Can you easily create a compelling coupon or offer?

Aside from showing your ads to consumers when they are near you, in app advertising can also attract them with coupons or discounts that they can redeem through your business. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can include an offer in your ad for 20% off a customers’ first purchase, helping more people come in and buy from you.

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