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Google Cookies and Facebook iOS Updates

By now, you’ve likely heard at least rumblings about updates to Google Cookies, and probably heard about Facebook updates on iOS, as well. While these two sets of updates aren’t related, they are rolling out at around the same time. So just what are these changes, and what do they mean?  

Google Cookies

Last year, Google announced that they would be phasing out third-party cookies by 2022, but first-party cookies are not affected. (First-party cookies are created and stored by the website you are visiting directly, while third-party cookies are created and placed by third-parties other than the direct website).

When Google made this announcement, there was speculation that they might be developing new technologies as ‘workarounds’ for things those cookies were currently being used for. Google has now firmly stated that they will not be replacing third-party cookies with something equally invasive – this is the part that has been in the news recently.

While some of our campaigns and digital tactics use first-party data, none of them use third-party data.Therefore, our campaigns and tactics will be unaffected by this change.

Facebook and iOS Updates

Apple has announced new changes to their privacy settings with their new operating system, iOS14. The App Tracking Transparency framework will now require apps in the App Store that engage in “tracking”, to show a prompt to users to allow them to choose whether they wish to be tracked by that app or not. This new policy will prohibit data collection unless a user opts into tracking.

As more users opt-out of tracking, personalized ads and performance reporting will be limited. These changes to iOS14 will impact data collected from tools such as the Facebook pixel. The information collected can be used for various things such as retargeting website users and view the journeys of website visitors. Traffic ads that optimize for certain pixel events such as landing page views, will be affected by iOS14.

The App Tracking Transparency framework has yet to be fully implemented and the effects of this policy on Facebook ads are constantly changing. We will not fully know the effects of iOS14 on our ads until the policy is in full effect.

Technology is constantly changing, but we are keeping a close eye on any potential effects to our digital offerings and current campaigns to ensure they keep running smoothly.

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