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8 UI design trends for 2020

The rapid growth of technology influences design trends every year. Designers need to be aware of the existing and upcoming design trends, constantly learning, improving and expanding our design tool kit in order to be up to date on the current market. Based on research, experience and observations, below are 8 UI/UX design trends that you should watch in 2020.

Animated Illustrations: Illustrations are very strong attention grabbers: at the top of that by applying motion, we might bring our products to life and make them stand out.

Microinteractions: They exist in almost every app or website. For example, the “like” feature on Facebook. Sometimes we’re not aware that they are there. If you remove them, it’s clear something important is missing.

3D Graphics in Web/Mobile UI: Graphics have evolved dramatically over time. Web browsers have also grown rapidly and opened the door in creating amazing 3D graphics. They take tons of work, but the results are rewarding.

Virtual Reality: 2019 was a big year for VR – mostly in the gaming industry. But VR brings innovation and new technologies into digital product design. Research proves that VR offers many opportunities to other industries.

Augmented Reality: Apple has introduced an AR toolkit to help designers build AR based products. There are endless opportunities to innovate and create new, exciting experiences in AR space.

Neumorphism: Neumorphism is also known as “new skeuomorphism.” Skeuomorphism design refers to the design elements that are created in a realistic style to match real life objects. It’s a very detailed and precise style.

Asymmetrical Layouts: Traditional “template” based layouts are phasing out. Asymmetrical layouts add a lot of character, dynamic, and personality to our designs. There’s lots of room for creativity.

Storytelling: Storytelling is all about transferring data to users in the best possible, informative and creative way. This can be achieved by strong copywriting mixed with balanced visual hierarchy.

Source: UX Collective

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