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4 Ways to Use GIFs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While it may seem to be a recent phenomenon, animated GIFs have actually been around for almost 30 years. GIFs are attracting attention because they are easy to consume and take very little time to enjoy, offer call-to-action capability, and deliver an emotional impact that can connect your business to your audience. Here are four ways you can use a GIF in your digital marketing strategy:

Tell a story or explain a process

Since images often tell more than words can, a visual story told about your company’s brand in the form of a GIF will be more compelling and actually say more than a written story.

Promote a product or service

Despite its brevity, a GIF is a great way to highlight features and benefits of a product or service. Since it comes across in a frame-by-frame format, the viewer can focus on each feature for longer than when it has a split second stream in a video.

Add interest to your website

Better than Flash, which slowed down website page loading time, GIFs do not impact loading time and offer visual interest through brief movement.

Use on social media channels

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media channels now support GIFs so this offers a way to attract attention from your audience.

Source: Forbes

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