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2022 Logo Design Trends Predictions

Preferences for designing logos always change, and there is no formula to decide which logo style will be adopted and which will be overlooked. Creating a unique and custom design that is eligible for trademark is crucial for any business. Here’s a few predictions for Logo Design Trends in the upcoming year:

#1 Simple Shapes

Simple shapes are going to be one of the hottest and top logo design trends in 2022. By following this trend, brands will be able to obtain attractive and simple logo designs that will catch their customers’ attention more easily and pay attention to their brand image. We can also expect that simple shapes will incorporate bright colors to logos to help promote the brands and increase customer interaction.

#2 Minimalism

With this strategy, designers usually simplify the image by minimizing the features that are not impactful to the audience. Minimalism not only allows users to access their required information within a shorter period of time, but it also makes user experience simpler. Due to a greater impact not only with the overall aesthetic but also functionality, the minimalist design is predicted to be one of the best logo design trends. 

#3 Typography Only

More brands are deciding on logos that are purely typography only. This design trend helps brands or websites to immediately wow customers, draw them in, and get them interested to know more about the brand. The main advantage of utilizing typography is that it creates a cohesive image of the brand logo using letters.

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